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Did They Really Say/Ask That?

Or: Are there really no dumb questions?

Yes: every one of these entries has been said or asked on trips I have joined.

And No: I did not ask or say these things.

On a cruise ship in Antarctica: "What's the altitude here"?

Same ship, different person: "Does the crew sleep on the ship during the night?"

Kidding Staff: "No, they're helicoptered off at night". The following morning, she complained, "The noise of the helicopters kept me awake all night?"

One of our fellow travelers in India: "I would never have come on this trip if I had known that every restaurant would be serving curry. I don't like spicy food".

A fellow tourist in Barcelona: "Everybody is speaking Spanish. It's hard to communicate with anyone. No one warned us that there would be so many foreigners here".

At a resort in the Caribbean: "This beach is too sandy. We have to clean everything when we get back to our room!"

In safari vehicle in South Africa: Punctuated with screams at the guide/driver: "You're getting too close to the animals! Don't drive so close!"

At a lodge on the Great Lakes: "No one told us there would be fish in the water; my children are afraid to go swimming."

From the same lodge on a boat tour: "How long will this 40 minute cruise last?"

At an animal sanctuary: "Those foxes really smell bad; are they really polecats?" After being told that foxes are NOT in the skunk family but do have a strong odor, he came back with, "But can they spray you with that smelly skunk spray?"

We are taught in school that there is no such thing as a "dumb" question. Don't you believe that—there certainly are dumb ones being asked all the time.

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