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When I was about 35 and my mother about 53, we went together on a European tour of the three necessary cities: London, Paris, and Rome. It was a great trip and many funny things happened to us during our three weeks abroad. But this incident stands out in every telling of our trip

Before we went to Rome we had heard all the stories about how Italian men are pretty brazen in their "appreciation" of women with loud comments, whis...

A trip to the Russian Far Eastern Siberia in 2005 was one of the most exhilarating, thrilling, beautiful, educational, and amazing adventures I have ever experienced in travel. But a prelude event on the second day of the trip set in motion a myriad of unsettling emotions.

In the first town we visited (Ossoro) we were to be entertained by some "small numbered peoples" as the Russians call their native tribes. While we waited fo...

Making a Spectacle of Oneself

Several years ago I was part of a group of 6 who went trekking in Patagonia. We climbed up some mountains, we toured some beautiful cities and interesting little towns, we caught wonderful wildlife sightings, we saw the dramatic lake glacier (Perito Moreno) and we enjoyed some of the most beautiful and awesome scenery on the planet, as well as some of  the most barren desert views imaginable. We ga...

My birthday hit while in the country which prides itself on its Happiness Quotient rather than its Gross Economic Quotient. In general I do not like a fuss made over these anniversaries and figured I was safe from a restaurant full of singing waiters in this agrarian and non-westernized society.

When the day arrived, we had been out hiking with our Bhutanese guide, Kelsang, and came back to our rather basic accommodation for th...


We had no idea when we booked this particular expedition to Greenland that there would be no acknowledged Expedition Leader (EL) on board. Instead there was the ship's captain who spoke very little English who had  preconceived and inflexible ideas of how he would run the entire trip.

There was a nominal EL hired by our travel company who was so intimidated by the captain that he was afraid to lead.  Then t...

Or: Are there really no dumb questions? 

Yes: every one of these entries has been said or asked on trips I have joined.

And No: I did not ask or say these things.

On a cruise ship in Antarctica: "What's the altitude here"?

Same ship, different person:  "Does the crew sleep on the ship during the night?"

Kidding Staff:  "No, they're helicoptered off at night". The following morning, she complained, "The noise of the helicopters ke...

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