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Rules of the Mystery Tours

You've had a long day. You're tired! But now your spouse comes up with a hair-brained plan for getting out of the house. "Let's go watch the curling tourney."

Well, that's not gonna happen - unless it's a Mystery Tour.


  1. Participants: The Guide and the Guest

  2. Frequency: Every week or two.

  3. Alternate serving as Guide or Guest

  4. Guide plans the activity and sets date and time

  5. Guest can ask about appropriate dress - nothing more

  6. Travel time < 30 minutes and activity < 3 hours​

It works 'cause guide won't cancel - work went into the planning and a tour's been promised. Guest can't renege: she doesn't know where she's going. And having agreed to the time, she can't claim a conflict. Both are tied into the tour by respect for promises made to one another.

So Yep! You end up at the curling rink. And you greatly enjoy laughing together as you try to figure out the rules.

Try it. It's fun!

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