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On the Wrong Side

We recently took a hike in Seaton Creek Historic Preserve on Jacksonville's extreme north side.

The chief purpose of this preserve is to introduce and save the site of the "Southernmost Battle of the American Revolution." The physical geography probably hasn't changed much since then and there are no ruins or earthworks to prove that this really was the site. However, because there are written records of "The Battle of Thomas Creek," historians are pretty sure that this preserve is the battle site.

Because the colony in North Florida was relatively new when the original 13 colonies decided to rebel against England, these colonists were unwilling to separate from their mother country. So they decided to fight on England's side when "push came to shove."

So - in truth - this park honors the efforts of those Florida colonists who fought on the losing side of the American Revolution!

Talk about backing the wrong horse!

The main trail through the preserve brought us to the banks of Thomas Creek where there was a lovely view of the unspoiled scenery. We walked about 2 hours on soft trails where there was some shade and some full sun spots. Fall weather was not too hot so we enjoyed the walk and the history lesson.

So - get out there and look for a park or monument in your area that preserves a surprising event that could add to your appreciation of your own local history.

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