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Double Queens

Sometimes our planned mysteries don't turn out as expected but still the outcome is fun and accomplishes the purpose of getting us away from our computers and out in the city. Here's an example:

We are all fans of Queen music and the "planner" for this adventure, read that the Jacksonville Planetarium was having a special show on Tuesday night with Queen music blasting through the skies and stars. It sounded like such a great experience that two other friends were invited to join us. None of the four of us had visited our local planetarium (connected with our Museum of Science & History) in many years so we were all looking forward to catching up with that venerable Jacksonville cultural attraction.

Un oh! The box office lady informed us we were there on the wrong night and even the wrong time. The show we wanted to see happened on the Tuesday before this one.

A little embarrassing for the "mystery creator" but we all had some pleasure in teasing her. When that got old, we had to pick another activity.

Off we dashed across town to another spot we had not frequented in a very long time either. And so we all happily ordered and enjoyed the sundaes of our choice at the oldest continuously operating Dairy Queen in Jacksonville. How's that for flexibility?

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