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Tree Crabs

Last Thanksgiving we were visiting in Hollywood, Florida, but Kay decided that we should continue our mystery tours and include our relatives It was her turn to plan the mystery, so she did some research and decided on 2 activities.

The first involved a visit to the local farmer's market with a twist. She divided us into three groups and gave each group $10.00 to spend in half an hour—preferably on something that could be used during the holidays. She announced that she would be the judge to determine the cleverest or most interesting or most relevant purchases to declare a winner.

Actually, strolling thru the market proved diverting except that we were haunted by the time schedule. However, we all made it to the front entrance on time. Everyone had such fun that she declared the contest a tie. The best part of the experience for the Hollywood residents was getting acquainted with the treasures available at the market so close to their front door.

The second activity was a visit to Anne Kolb Nature Center located in Dania Beach - the town where I grew up. It opened after I left the area and the locals had not been there in years.

The 1500-acre preserve is a coastal mangrove wetland and wildlife habitat. Many birds, some resident year-round and others migratory, and several kinds of animals find a protected home here. We saw wonderful little crabs sitting on the branches of the mangroves all along the boardwalk path. Egrets and herons flew overhead and occasionally rested in the tops of the trees. There were spectacular views of the coastline all the way to the Atlantic from the 68-ft tower at the center of the boardwalk.

It all turned out to be a wonderful way to explore two different sites in South Florida while introducing our relatives to a couple of special things within easy reach of their home and the concept of the mystery tours.

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