You've had a long day. You're tired!  But now your spouse has come up with a hair-brained plan for getting out of the house. "Let's go watch the curling tournament."  

What?!!  That's not gonna happen  - unless it's a  Mystery Tour.



  • Participants: The Guide and Guest(s)

  • Frequency: Every two-four weeks

  • Alternate serving as Guide or Guest

  • Guide plans the activity and sets date and time

  • Guest can ask about appropriate dress - nothing more

  • Travel time < 30 minutes and activity < 3 hours


It works!  Guide doesn't cancel - work went into the planning and a tour's been promised. Guest can't say she doesn't want to go - she doesn't know what or where, and having agreed to the date and time, she can't claim a conflict. Both are tied into the tour by respect for the promises made to one another. 

So Yep! You'll end up at the curling rink. And you'll greatly enjoy laughing together as you try to figure out the rules.  And Dang! It was cold in there! Try it.  It's fun!

The Art of Our Neighbor, Helen Ashmead

It's been a long time since we did a “mystery tour." But we are back on track and this was a positive way to start again. I was leader on this one.

Our primary destination for the day was the Jewish Community Center at  8505 San Jose Blvd to see an art exhibition presented by one of our neighbors, Helen Ashmead.  The show was presented in the VanDroff Gallery Promenade which features rotati...

Kay’s mystery tour took us to the Walter Jones Historical Park in Mandarin. Open on Saturdays, it is staffed by gracious, knowledgeable, enthusiastic volunteers from the Mandarin area. 

There are 10 acres of natural Florida landscape with huge oaks, magnolias, pines, and bay trees.  But most important are the buildings on the property.  The home of the Mandarin Historical Society itself is not old, but it is built in the...

I Wish My Skin Looked That Good!


The multi-colored building across the street from the Prime Osborn Convention Center had often intrigued me but I had decided that it must be some sort of beauty products business, so I never really gave it much more thought—until a friend told me that the business gave free tours of their facility.  Always casting about for some place to visit on my mystery tour days, I calle...

After a too long hiatus, we have finally re-instituted the Mystery Tours.  This was the second of the week as we had house guests and Kay wanted to include them in this evening’s entertainment. So I and Kay’s other guests found ourselves at the Ponte Vedra Public Library building – a branch of the St. Johns County Library System.

We doubted we were there to read. And it was true!  The reason we were there was much bigger a...

Imagine! When we resume our mystery tours again, we do it with a bang with 2 in one week. Lois read  in our local newspaper that the Jacksonville Jaguars’ NFL stadium offers tours during football season.  Well, it was still open season for us when she booked our visit.  We were in the playoffs but sadly we were ousted from a spot in the Super Bowl the very next day!  Tickets are $7 for adults.

Our Jaguars’ EverBa...

We arrived around 6 PM in the early dusk to find the tables set up for food and drink as more and more people trickled in.  The Zoo's Executive Director, Tony Vecchio, gave a brief talk about the exhibit and then welcomed us to follow the docents on the dinosaur trail.

There were 21 different semi-audioanimatronic recreations of dinosaurs from the Triassic and Cretaceous periods, from the small Microraptor (only 3 feet long) to...

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