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Kay Ellen Gilmour, MD


Degrees: BS and MD at the University of Florida

Post-grad:  The Johns Hopkins Hospital & UAB in Birmingham

Medical Practice  Cardiology

Jacksonville, Florida

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Lois O. Gray.jpg

Lois Olive Gray


Degrees: BA & MA in English Literature, University of Florida. Ph.D. in English Literature. MA in Hospital Administration


Professional Life:  Hospital administration.

This is not a travel blog. It is a compilation of the journals and photographs of 50 years of world travel. These works are presented to our family, friends, and fellow travelers. But, if you are curious about any of the more than 140 countries we have visited, you may find this website interesting for its historical value and/or for a possible itinerary to explore.

This is a work in progress. As of January 2023, more than 60 journals are posted on the site. But there are more than 30 more to come. Subscribe, and we'll email you when another is complete. 

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